Zareklamy’s 1 year anniversary – Summary

On April 17, 2018, Zareklamy was registered as a LLC company. A few months before the company was registered, the demo version of the website was available only to those who knew about it’s existence.

Around 1500 people registered in the first and second month. The website was not promoted anywhere, and the only traffic came from searching at Google. All this time there were very important improvements on the site without the whole system would not work. Among other things, the second website has been created – Zareklamy Ads. The pressure of time was constantly affecting us because the Zareklamy website was prematurely published.

The next step forward was the creation of several subpages, such as: Zareklamy Policies, Zareklamy About, Zareklamy Support and Zareklamy Developers. These pages were being refined before the upcoming platform promotion. We participated in various events for startups. The experience we gained during these events led us to the first small orders and the publicity of the platform.

Over the next six months, about 50k users has registered. The origin of customers is very diverse. From the very beginning, we wanted to act globally. That is why the platform has 6 of the most popular languages in the world, thanks to which many people visiting the website have been staying on it. Currently, the number of languages available from 6 has increased to 15.

The rates during creating advertisements in the early beginnings of Zareklamy Ads were drastically low. If we compare them with today’s rates, it would be 400% more. Certainly, it is not the last increase of advertising rates. Their quality is definitely equal to the effectiveness and functionality of advertisements on Zareklamy Ads.

The most important thing is that we are an innovative company. We come up with and introduce our own functions to the platform. We do not model ourselves on anyone, which is why our competition is far behind and whether we can call it our competition at all. The new types of ads that are available on Zareklamy Ads are completely changing the ad market. Never before anyone could buy registrations on websites or reviews on more than 20 platforms. A huge platform for earning has also been created, where everyone without investment or recommending can earn real money for completing very simple tasks.

During the 8th month of the company’s operation, we received the first major orders on Zareklamy Ads. A dozen or so people received their first payouts on Zareklamy.

The initial amount of investment in the platform was 8k USD. It was only after 9 months of the platform’s operation that the investment started to pay off. In January and February 2019, we formally started to rise.

Currently, we have over 150 active advertisers, most of whom at least once perform another transfer on their account. We are constantly striving to improve the entire Zareklamy platform. We are committed to continuous expansion, which helps many people to earn and at the same time promote their businesses. We believe that every year will be better!

The Zareklamy Team