Getting more reviews on Airbnb is no ordinary task. Sometimes it can distract you from the very goal of serving your guests and may leave them unsatisfied. Frustrated guests on their end can leave some pretty bad reviews on your place, especially if it’s described as good accommodation.

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Why fear negative reviews?

Negative reviews are a bane of many hosts on Airbnb and are the main cause of why travellers can’t find some of the places they wanted to visit before: they were downvoted by dissatisfied visitors. Nothing hurts more like being “rewarded” for all your labours with a lower rating than before.

The most frequent reasons for getting a negative Airbnb review despite the efforts of the host to keep it nice are:

  1. The guest is not yet familiar with Airbnb’s rating system and is rating it as if they were in the hotel.
  2. Something doesn’t match between the description of your property and the real thing. Check again, maybe you missed something?
  3. The guest’s demands were just too much for you and you just couldn’t keep up with what they want. It’s all right, that type of guests also exists.
  4. Maybe your property is too hard to get to or into. Check transport routes, maybe the one which you’ve chosen is just too far away from the property. Make sure to inform the guest about all the potential obstacles and how to get through them.
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How do I make my place better for the possible guests?

If you want to receive more positive reviews, of course, you may want to review how you attract your guests. How do you treat them, how comfortable is your accommodation for them?

  • Guide them. Always. They came from far away and are doing you the greatest honor possible for them, they come to your place to stay the night (or several). They are tired and want some comfort. Do the same favor to them as you would want to be favored.
  • Send them messages. Before they even arrive in your city, send them a check-in message with a greeting, instructions, best wishes, etc.
    An hour after they arrive, when they took the shower and had a snack, send them a check-up message. Ask them if everything is to their liking or if they need anything. Let them know that they’re welcome and that you’re open to communication.
    And lastly, before they leave, send them a check-out message. Thank them for their stay, tell them that they’re always welcome, and wish them farewell.
  • Give them something memorable. A souvenir will remind them about the great time they’ve spent at your place and will make them want to come back again and to leave a good review.

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