Fiverr is a platform where freelancers and clients meet, similar to UpWork and What differs Fiverr from other services is how it names its job offers for freelancers as Gigs. Gig is basically an advertisement for services. Gig includes all the details of services the same as e-commerce products. The pricing of Gigs depends on how much a seller earns per completed task. Completing the first Gig may be the only job on Fiverr that you’ll ever complete if you’ll fail to sell yourself properly. Here are some tips to make a positive impression on your potential clients.

Tip 1. Make a great start with an “Anchor Gig”.

“Anchor Gig” is a first job that will determine your next months or years on Fiverr. Make it high-quality, cheap, and looking good. Use POWER WORDS and a catchy tagline that will use them. Use cover image, feature yourself on it (important). And finally, finish them with a price as low as $5. Yes, it’s not much, but for now, you’re on Fiverr not to make money but to create an impression, to make new connections with people.

Tip 2. Fiverr is a barter market.

Some people grief from the fact that Fiverr takes a big commission (20 percent) from gig sales. However, a lot of people fail to see a pain point that almost every small business has: marketing costs. Marketing is still going to cost you something and acquiring new leads can be expensive. Some people have over 100K impressions on just one of their services, with nearly two thousand clicks in a month. Remember that the Fiverr commission rate pays for the marketing and infrastructure of your store — think of it as paying rent. As soon as you begin thinking of your Fiverr store as an asset, the quicker you will grow your business.

Tip 3. Learn to organize.

As much as some people hate to organize themselves, think of it as a requirement when working with Fiverr. Each Fiverr store offers different services and each will need to use various specific tools to carry out their work. Hopefully, we can recommend ways to keep your business organized. For example, in Google Drive:

  • Create a dedicated Fiverr folder.
  • Create sub-folders for each of your Fiverr gigs (and multiple sub-folders for the most active gigs)
  • Color folders for quick identification.

You can also share folders and documents on Google Drive with your clients, but that’s another level of complication. It’s up for you to decide if you want that.

Tip 4. Rapid-Launch Gigs.

Once you successfully launched several Gigs, launching a new one is a trifle. Few things on perfecting your Gig launch though:

1. Plan Your Gig:

Start browsing the categories of interest. Choose a category that, based on your judgment, will be perfect for you and the potential clients. Determine the specific service you will offer based on competition, quality, and your own interest in it.

2. Launch Your Gig

The best to launch Gig good is to launch it quickly. Remember the one thing you cannot change later is your Gig URL. Your title can be updated, but the URL is permanent.

  • Make sure your gig title fits in the preview.
  • Research keywords for your gig and include them in the title and description.
  • Start with just a single package and expand your packages later.
  • Write a 150-word description of your services, and what they will do for clients. Be sure to keep it short but sweet.
  • Be sure to launch with information in the FAQ section that you can later expand on.
  • Include the gig requirements. One should be enough to launch.
  • Make a good quality cover image for your service (It is the first thing people see after all).

Once you have a process down for launching gigs, it will be quicker to launch each time, and you can even implement testing to improve your gigs over time.

Tip 5. Over-delivery is a no-no.

People on Fiverr often do more than they were asked to in an attempt to impress their clients and, eventually, over-deliver.

Big mistake.

We agree that going above and beyond is good and all, but you are eventually going to break your back, resent your client, and your job will just never be done. To avoid that, remember two things:

  • Gig is something that is supposed to deliver one thing and to do it well. It’s better to do one great job than a few mediocre ones.
  • Only over-deliver if it’s included in your Gig’s mission and spirit.

In case of if a customer orders something from you and it’s not what they expect, you will need a new package or a gig. Also, if you consistently receive messages asking for clarification on your gigs, or if you aren’t getting orders, this could mean your service is too complicated or confusing. Try adding a video to explain it better, update the description, and create a PDF describing the deliverable.

Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid many of the common rookie mistakes with Fiverr, and you can get your business up and running on Fiverr must faster and with fewer problems.

But there is another one…

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