The companies operating on Tripadvisor know how important reviews are to them. In addition to the quality of the services offered, food or a good price list, 88% of your future customers will consider how former customers write about your company when choosing a restaurant or service business.

Opinions are the key ingredient which is usually a short comment about the past service that customers want to express. Additionally, Tripadvisor reviews are not only reliable but also a trusted means of evaluating your online business. Customers decide for themselves on the basis of opinions written by customers and then draw conclusions from it. So with the opinions that are so much appreciated, it is worth reading this article until you find out how to get more feedback on Tripadvisor.

Increasing the opinions organically:

  • Ask your former clients to leave an opinion by sending them an email or friendly, small letter with a reminder. Most recommended – the next day after the service
  • By having the Tripadvisor logo on the door of your restaurant, office or window or other high-traffic area
  • Online marketing promotion on Zareklamy Ads, which you will learn about later in this article
  • Direct invitation a few minutes after the end of the service and friendly explaining that we need the customer opinion
Tripadvisor logo on the door
Tripadvisor logo on the door

Marketing promotion

To make a profit, you need to invest, and everyone who started their own business knows very well. One of the recommended ways to get Tripadvisor reviews is to create an ad campaign that encourages former customers to write a review.

Introducing the Zareklamy Ads platform where business owners can add a link to their Tripadvisor page and increase the number of reviews from former customers.

How it works?

You choose the group of recipients yourself – i.e. the country from which your client came from or comes, city and region in which you operate. You can start advertising on this platform from $10 and you only pay for completed action.

Zareklamy Ads platform

To start advertising and test if you can see the changes before and after the start of this campaign, register by clicking the button below. Registration is free and you can register through Google, Microsoft or by entering your email address.

Then, after registering, you will immediately see a window with the ad creation process. All you need to do is choose where your customers are coming from and write a short description about your business – you can use description from your Tripadvisor page. The whole thing shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, and it’s really worth it!

Creating Tripadvisor ad on Zareklamy Ads

If you want to see a step by step video about how to create a Tripadvisor advertisement on the Zareklamy Ads platform, watch the video below.

In conclusion, gaining trust is very important. Collecting good reviews about your business will create a healthy environment and significantly improve your visibility in Tripadvisor searches. Sometimes it is not necessary to force customers to write reviews, but to find out and test other methods of obtaining reviews. Especially if a company that finds customers thanks to the Internet.

Having access to the trust of former customers increases your chances of acquiring new customers because the more positive opinions you have, the easier it is to find new and former customers. Remember that you need time to build your company’s reputation, so be patient!