In this modern era of flexible, non-static jobs, independent contractors, who are also mostly known as freelancers, are very dependent on the public opinion of their completed job and skill level. Reviews of the client may be a turning point in someone’s career that can make them rich or penniless.

UpWork is an internet platform that allows clients and professionals to find each other. It has over 10 million registered freelancers and almost 6 million clients. It is, as of now, the largest online freelancer marketplace. Having success here means having success in your life. But it’s hard to become successful here. So, is there some easy trick, some loophole to become the most wanted professional?

Sadly, no. Easy tricks and loopholes are all but gone. But good tips that you may want to write down and use are still there. Here are few of them.

Tips to get better reviews at UpWork

1. Be straightforward and open from the beginning

Don’t promise what you can’t or won’t do. Make sure that your client had an absolute clear clear information about the pricing, revisions, turnaround time, etc. It’s better to set a fixed price so that there are no surprises. Clients know exactly what they’ll pay from day one. It’s also good to provide clients with a clear timeline of the process so they know when to expect first drafts and revisions.

2. Present your work in a professional way

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s showcasing your work in a professional presentation or making sure your copy is proofread (more than once!), demonstrating care and consistency is key. Although a typo isn’t a huge deal, frequent errors and careless slip-ups can diminish the quality of your work.

3. Communicate

In any partnership, communication is key. Keep clients updated on the status of their projects, alert them to any changes as soon as possible and get back to any questions within one business day. It’s good ask for feedback after each revision to make sure you’re going in the same direction as your client. 

4. Guarantee your work

Your mission should be to work with clients until they’re happy, so provide as many revisions as needed. Don’t rush them or force your ideas on them — the final choice is theirs. This may be more time-consuming, but it almost guarantees that you’ll receive a positive review.

5. Be comprehensive

Take a comprehensive approach to their project if someone will come for your help. If they hire me for a naming project, I’ll give them a few options from different angles along with the rationale behind each idea. Do your best to find matching domain names when working on a project so clients don’t have to spend extra time and money on a domain name. This is also time-consuming, but it shows clients how invested you are in their projects. 

6. Stay professional

Never argue with a client. If they’re unhappy with your work, that’s OK. Try to see things from their perspective, explain the thinking and methodology behind your work and ask for specific direction so you can match their expectations next time. There is a quote “All of your talent is wasted without good attitude and work ethic.”

And finally, there is another way to get good reviews. Just buy them. It’s that simple.

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