More and more people appear on the Twitch streaming service every day. They’re playing popular games while commenting and communicating with the stream viewers, cooking delicious food, cosplaying in front of the camera, crafting things with their skills, or just talking with people. And everywhere, every time you watch the stream of the popular Twitch persona, you may notice one thing that combines them all: donations.

Donations are a measurement of popularity and, like all things in the world, were simple first, but then became more complex and advanced. Nowadays there are not only straightforward cash donations to streamers from the viewers but also subscriptions, Cheers, paid emojis, and other ways of endorsement.

And the more viewers and endorsement the streamer has, the more chance there is for them to become an “Affiliated” streamer. To become eligible, your Twitch channel should have at least 50 followers with an average of 3 (or more) viewers over the last 30 days. Streamer also should have broadcasted at least 500 minutes in the last 30 days and have been active for at least 7 unique broadcast days in the last month.

But what if you, as a streamer, are not so popular yet or just want to boost the number of your viewers?

Ways of getting more viewers

  1. Have a good strategy and work hard. Streaming is not just about showing people how you play games, it’s also about engaging with your audience, to pay attention, to have fun together with people. And, what’s also important, to be consistent and methodical.
    Create a schedule, post it on your profile, and try your best to follow it.
  2. Become present on social networks. Create an account on Twitter and/or Facebook. Post there your updates, previous exciting moments, news, and schedules of future streams. Post links to your social network accounts in your Twitch description.
  3. Watch other streamers, use restreams. Find other streamers that play the same games you play to or just find some nice, cool, interesting people. Become friends with them and with their friends.
  4. Create a good layout for OBS. OBS is your tool of the trade, your main software for streaming from your computer screen, and from the connected web camera. It supports the creation of so-called “scenes”, which are the layouts of elements that will be shown during your stream: video from computer, video from camera, chat feed, donation and subscription alerts, and more. OBS supports the import of the readily available scenes, some of which look impressive and contain animated elements.

There are other ways of increasing your views and the number of viewers. And there’s one of them: use Zareklamy Ads to get more viewers and subscribers for money!

Just remember, the more viewers you have, the more subscribers you’ll have and the more donations you’ll receive.

What is Zareklamy Ads?

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