Building audience on Instagram might seem to be hard especially for smaller pages, but it’s really easy once you keep a great posting routine we recommend in this article.

Here are the top tips that everyone should follow to get more followers on their Instagram pages.

1. Learn about your audience

This tip may sounds weird, but it’s really important to know in every aspect. If you learn who is your consumer – the person behind following what you post, then you are set to a hight grow. If you are not sure who is your target group, simply make posts with pools or Q&A that will help you with that.

2. Keep quality content

If you keep posting but still growth is too slow, it’s time to refresh your posting style. Always use graphics made by you and in your specific style. For example some pages have a tiny border around post, or they differ from other by text font. You should have your own style that people will remember and isn’t too boring. Keep the balance

3. Be consistent in posting

You need to check in your Instagram Insights at what time you get most impressions on your publications. If you get most impressions e.g. at 5 p.m., you should consider publishin a post, making a live or posting a store exactly at this time to make people fealing that your content is fresh and recently added.

4. Less hashtags, more description

You might find in various articles that hastags are very useful, but not really if you look at the most popular Instagram pages. They are mostly long descriptions, and that’s because every publication you add on Instagram also appears on Google Search. So if someone search for a thing, your test in description might be suggested results in Google and that will increase number of traffic on your Instagram page, which later leads to more follower and likes.

5. Make bold moves

Use your own posting techniques. It’s good to look for the most followed pages in your category, but to stand out you need to create innovative content. You cannot build a successful page if the content is almost the same on the other 100 pages.