Why are you addicted to Google Ads?

Many company models, are based on marketing from Google Ads, an advertising sub-company from Google. This means that companies only use one or the main method of reaching customers.

In this case, people who use Google Ads ads have this problem, that once entering this site, then they cannot see anything else. They do not literally “see”, but most of the company’s expenses come from Google Ads. This is a big disadvantage of people from SEM, ie Search Engine Marketing.

Even when you spend $1,000 a month for the Google Ads advertising campaign, you only pay back $500, which does not mean that everything is fine.

Now your decision is whether there is something better in spite of Google Ads? We do not know what is the better term for you. You’ve never tested a similar service before Google Ads, so you should try to get started with Zareklamy Ads.

Zareklamy Ads works in a different way and is certainly not a market monopolist. Total Zareklamy Ads has over 50 different types of ads. You can create your own, specific ads, which are targeted by demographics, interests, localizations, languages and get for example:

  • website visitors
  • likes/followers/subscriptions on all social media
  • reviews on Booking, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, App Store, Google Play
  • registrations on the website
  • subscriptions to the newsletter
  • filled out surveys

Check all available ad types: 

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